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Connecting people to serve the Mullen community by improving student, 教师, 管理和家庭经历. 通过做志愿者, 捐赠及筹款, all while building connections and promoting spiritual growth!


作为父母,你是家庭的一部分 MPA. 没有会费,只要来就行了 MPA meeting and you’ll have instant access to the many committees and events that we host, select something that interests you and get involved by. 这是认识其他家长的好方法, 教师, 工作人员 and administration and become part of the Mullen community!

Meetings are typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, from 8:00 - 9:30 am on campus. 请到前台办理登记手续. You can confirm location at that time too, if you're unsure where to go. Every month we discuss current and past events, 彩票平台的预算, and have guest speakers from key Mullen administration, 咨询或教师. If you're unable to attend the meetings in person, you can join via Zoom or call-in and the Minutes are posted on MyMullen in the MPA tile.



Drop them off at the front desk during school hours. If you need pre-owned uniforms during the school year, please contact Chantal Gemperline 970-215-1438, clgemperline@gmail.com.
The 野马服装商店 is the official supplier of Mustang gear. Visit us in-person in the lobby of the Hutchison 场 House. 


**We are also open during most varsity home 足球, Basketball and Volleyball games.**

Parent volunteers are encouraged sign-up for available time slots. 点击这里 注册天才. 

For any question about the Mustang Outfitters, contact mustangoutfitters@crausazpartenaires.com


MPA邮件: mpa@crausazpartenaires.com

马拉加勒特, 总统
凯蒂Herrera, 当选总统
Danette Penrod, 副总统
杰米•埃斯奎贝尔, 财务主管
凯Rosero 会计选择
艾美艾, 秘书
丽莎•西蒙斯, 过去的总统
Mustang Outfitters is the official school store operated by the Mullen Parent Association (MPA).  All proceeds stay in the school to fund the many events sponsored by the MPA. 

彩票平台有各种统一的马球衫, 连帽衫, jackets, t-shirts, Mullen face masks and accessories (hats, socks, jewelry, scarves, gloves).  All items have been imprinted with Mullen logos.

Please visit Mustang Outfitters located on the first floor of Hutchison 场 House.  
  • During normal school hours, we are open every Tuesday & 星期四下午2:30.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • 所有的校队主场比赛 



  • 委员会

    To get involved in one or more of these committees, please complete the MPA委员会报名来自.


    A program to help financially support projects and needs within the Mullen community.  这个委员会, 包括MPA董事会, would review and approve requests received through applications.

    The proceeds from the store support all of the MPA events that are hosted for the entire Mullen community, 协助资助演讲者, and most importantly contribute to student events and 撤退.

    This team of parents reaches out to welcome new families, 帮助他们与社区建立联系, and gives helpful information about Mullen activities and events.  They support the 彩票平台 department and assist with various activities for these families.

    A committee that coordinates a weekly Rosary prayer in the school chapel. These warriors pray for the Mullen community and work with the Pastoral Office to plan parent masses, 撤退, 以及其他信仰经历.

    这个委员会 helps to spread the word about Mullen 父母 Association events through social media.

    这个委员会 collects previously owned Mullen uniforms and gear then sells them at great discounts.  The proceeds from these sales support ALL of the MPA events that we host for the entire Mullen community.

    During the fall semester parent/teacher conferences, this committee hosts a meal for all 工作人员. 

    这个委员会 provides treats for the teachers, 工作人员, and administration periodically throughout the school year.

    An event to introduce students and their families to the many opportunities to provide service throughout the Mullen community and beyond.  This event is held in cooperation with the 教师 service coordinator.

    这个委员会 is in charge of decorating the campus for the winter holidays.  The committee puts up the Christmas tree and other decorations around Mullen to help spread the holiday cheer.  They also are responsible for the take down and safe storage of the decorations after the first of the year.

    庆祝马伦学生的一天!  这个委员会 plans how to best show our appreciation to our students. 

    A formal dance for approximately 350+ senior citizens from the 丹佛 Metro community. Committee members help to organize, plan, and run the event.   Mullen students escort, serve food, and dance with the seniors.

    This late-night event helps to keep our students safe and provides entertainment after Prom.  这个委员会 assists the Student Activities department with hosting the event.  Prizes are donated and purchased from donations then raffled off to the students at the event.

    The Mullen 父母 Association celebrates the teachers during this national week of recognition.

    这个委员会 provides a meal to graduating seniors the day of rehearsal for the commencement ceremony.

    这个委员会 provides support to Administration and Development departments as needed. 例子:新生面试,开放日, & 新家庭定位.